Seal Coating

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Seal Coating
Seal Coating
Seal Coating
Seal Coating
Seal Coating

Asphalt Protection

Seal coating is designed to protect asphalt paving from the damaging effects of the environment, including moisture and ultraviolet oxidation. As asphalt surfaces dry out and become brittle, cracks may occur and potholes develop. To reduce long-term maintenance expenses, industry experts recommend that pavement be seal coated every two to three years, depending on traffic and overall condition.

It is important to use a seal coat and other preventative and corrective parking lot maintenance measures because replacement of asphalt can be very expensive. Obtaining the best return for your pavement maintenance dollar is not a simple decision process. A knowledgeable asphalt contractor like Asphalt Management Inc. can evaluate the condition of your pavement, design a cost-effective maintenance program and help you maximize your budget dollars.

Benefits of Sealcoating

  • Slows down the deterioration of the asphalt.
  • Minimizes raveling (the loss of aggregate) and fills minor voids in the surface.
  • Creates a uniform color and appearance for all paved asphalt surfaces and increases curb appeal.
  • Protects your investment by keeping your asphalt driveway liability free and saves you money in the long run.

Proper Mixture and Agitation Are Key

Asphalt Management Inc. uses a coal tar emulsion sealer with additives and a silica sand mixture for a skid resistant surface. We order our seal coat in bulk, storing it in two 6,000 gallon tanks inside our warehouse. It is then mixed at our facility to federal specifications and agitated daily.

Professional Application

Asphalt Management Inc. has truck mounted application units that we spray our seal coat with. They are equipped with an agitation system to ensure the additives and sand stay properly mixed and suspended before and during the application process.

From asphalt to concrete flatwork, Asphalt Management, Inc. can handle your job.

Protecting pavement with seal coat has a similar effect of using sunblock on your skin or applying varnish on wood. It slows down the harmful effects of our differing climate.

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