Asphalt Management Job

Asphalt & Concrete General Laborer Job and Operators Needed

Asphalt & Concrete General Laborers and Operators Needed

Job Description

Looking for Asphalt and Concrete Workers

Asphalt and concrete general workers and laborers needed immediately for busy asphalt and concrete company in Genesee County, Michigan.

Must have driver’s license, reliable transportation, and be willing to work long hours. This is a full time/long term position with a growing company. We are looking for individuals that are willing to learn and take on responsibilities with opportunities for advancement.


Clean driving record, Physical activity, Reliable, Able to work outside in the heat for long periods of time. Must be hard working, able to work well with others, self-motivated with a positive attitude and have problem-solving skills.

Class A License and Valid MDOT physical Examination Certificate for drivers is a plus (but not required to apply)!

401K and Supplemental Insurance

Starting pay range is $12.00 – $22.00 per hour based on experience and type of driver’s license.

Fax resume to 810-249-5391, or complete the application below.

Call 810-230-8500 with questions.

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    Preparing Your Parking Lot for Fall

    Preparing Your Parking Lot for Fall

    Will your parking lot look just as good when spring comes back round? Now is the time to prevent damage this fall and winter by preparing your parking lot. Check out our tips below:

    Seal Coating

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    Seal coating
    You should have your asphalt parking lot seal coated 1 year after install and every 2-3 years after that depending on your environment. Seal coating extends the life of your driveway, protects against damaging UV radiation, improves the pavement’s overall lifetime, and protects the material from allowing spills (liquids and oils) to permeate and cause damage. Seal coating even boosts visual appeal! When it comes to an investment as important as your driveway and parking lot, get a professional contractor to apply your high-quality seal coating to ensure the life of your pavement is long.

    Asphalt Management Inc. offers seal coating as part of our parking lot and driveway asphalt care services. Call us today to make an appointment to properly apply seal coating to your asphalt before the winter months are here.

    Crack Repair

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    Crack Repair
    Just like weeds growing in cracks make bigger cracks all summer, water and snow can enter cracks in your pavement and cause expansion during the fall and winter. As cracks grow and become deeper there is a risk of future damage. Repairing cracks and chips while they’re still minor will save you money in the long run and extend the life of your driveway. When holes or cracks are more than a couple of inches deep and wider than ¼ inch, it may be time to fully repair your pavement using our infrared asphalt repair process.


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    Asphalt Patch
    If your cracks and chips have grown large in your pavement, its time for some asphalt patching to cover the damaged areas. We offer several types of asphalt repair, including infrared asphalt repair, overlay asphalt repair or if the damage is too extensive, we may recommend mill and replace or full-depth removal of your pavement. We are a full-service contractor, we can also take care of your concrete issues before they cause safety concerns.

    Don’t let the elements get the best of your pavement this fall and winter. Call us at (810) 659-5400 or contact us for an estimate on your pavement needs.

    Catch Basin Repair

    Catch Basin Repair

    Catch Basin Repair

    Storm drains (also known as catch basins) are vital to your parking lot’s asphalt management. The drains remove surface water run-off and keep water from accumulating in your parking lot. Asphalt management must include inspecting the parking lot catch basin. A faulty catch basin drainage system will allow standing water to accumulate. This causes the subsurface of the parking lot to start to deteriorate rapidly. Catch basin repairs range in magnitude but addressing the issue as soon as its noticed will reduce liability and repair costs. Contact Asphalt Management today to ensure that your parking lot catch basin is inspected properly. We will address any issues with your catch basin drainage system.

    Signs That You Need Catch Basin Repairs

    Watch out if a catch basin or its grate is higher than the surrounding asphalt. This poses a tripping hazard and can create standing water that degrades existing asphalt further. Repairs may involve removing surrounding asphalt and lowering the basin to alter the height of the frame.

    Sunken Parking Lot Catch Basin

    Either water erodes the sub-base, or the stone base has settled and can no longer support the asphalt. Severe drain damage will require that asphalt be removed to even things out. The catch basin repair may require replacing the entire structure for the drain.

    When deterioration is allowed to continue more water collects in holes and cracks. Then freezing and thawing continue over time, therefore creating more severe damage and repair costs. Leaving a catch basin neglected until a sinkhole develops could cause far more extensive damage to surrounding asphalt, and create liability issues.

    If a catch basin or storm drain is older and may be beyond repair, we can completely dig out and rebuild the more extreme of cases. Preventative maintenance reduces costs and ensures long-lasting catch basins and drain structures while keeping the rest of your parking lot in good repair.

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    Raised Catch Basin


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    Damaged Storm Drain


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    Drainage Catch Basin Repair

    To find out what catch basin repair you need, give us a call at
    (810) 659-5400

    Snow Shoveling in Flint

    Winter Safety

    Winter Safety

    Slip and fall accidents increase as winter arrives and the snow and ice hit. While there is no controlling the winter weather, there are a number of steps workplaces and their employees can take to prevent accidents and injuries.

    Parking Lots and Walkways

    • Watch for and repair parking lot and sidewalk damage such as cracks and holes, which not only trap snow and ice but can become worse during thawing and freezing cycles.
    •  Keep an eye out for drainage and water collection patterns that will freeze and require more maintenance, both in terms of plowing, and sanding and salting.
    • Remind employees to wear practical footwear for the weather. Shoes or boots with good traction will help prevent slips.
    • Make sure that entryways and walkways are well lit so that employees can spot hazards before they are caught off guard.
    • Repair cracks and uneven pavement soon as possible and preferably before the winter season settles in – call today at (810) 659-5400 if your lots or walkways have these issues.
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    Snow Plowing

    Entrances and Exits

    • Keep watch over entrances and exits where snow can be tracked in, and keep these areas clean and dry. A wet mat or rug is as dangerous as slick tiles. Switch out and dry mats and keep water off the flooring.
    • Salt or sand buckets kept near entryways will encourage frequent application to reduce the amount of snow tracked inside.
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    Snow Trucks


    • Open communication for employees to report snow and ice hazards to supervisors. And make sure reports are addressed swiftly to encourage continued cooperation.
    • Post signs and distribute materials to employees to address safety concerns for winter weather hazards.
    • Conduct meetings and distribute materials addressing winter safety at least monthly; as the winter wears on, attention and vigilance may wane and keeping safety in mind is important.
    • Encourage employees to provide weather and safety suggestions that can be shared via displays, newsletters, or other communication.
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    Walking on Ice

    Use of appropriate footwear can prevent injury

    • Avoid walking on slippery surfaces while wearing high heels – bring an extra change of shoes if necessary.
    •  Many dress shoes do not have suitable traction on their soles. If needed, wear more suitable footwear and bring shoes for the office.
    • Watch for older footwear whose treads may have worn down through use – worn treads are equal to no treads in regards to traction.

    In hazardous circumstances, modify the way you walk

    • Sustain your center of gravity over your feet
    • Shorten your stride – shorter steps.
    • Walk with your feet spread apart slightly.
    • Use your arms for balance and take care with carried items that might throw you off balance or restrict movement.
    • Slow down! Especially if the surface is not only slippery but uneven.


    • Ice is more slippery than snow.
    • Snow-covered ice is deceptive and more slippery than bare ice.
    • Wipe or stomp snow off your feet before entering a building. This makes things less slick for you and keeps the floor dryer for others coming in after you.

    Call us today to talk about your snow removal bid and snow plowing contract.
    (810) 659-5400

    The preventative steps above should always be used in conjunction with good sound judgment.

    And remember to have damaged pavement and walkways repaired as early as possible – preventative maintenance saves from costly falls and additional damage later.

    Concrete – Before and After

    Concrete that is failing or discolored is a sign of moisture working its way into the material and causing corrosion over time. Cracking is often a sign of issues with the sub-base and a deteriorating structure; freezing and thawing cycles of Mid-Michigan’s harsh winters only hasten the damage.Read More

    Infrared Asphalt Repair

    Infrared Asphalt Repair Photos

    Infrared asphalt repair is a cost-effective way to repair the deteriorated asphalt in your parking lots. The existing asphalt is recycled by a crew of two or three trained craftsmen using a customized truck operation. The result of this modern operation is that infrared repairs are less expensive than conventional repairs to potholes and alligator areas.Read More