Preparing Your Parking Lot for Fall

Will your parking lot look just as good when spring comes back round? Now is the time to prevent damage this fall and winter by preparing your parking lot. Check out our tips below:

Seal Coating

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Seal coating
You should have your asphalt parking lot seal coated 1 year after install and every 2-3 years after that depending on your environment. Seal coating extends the life of your driveway, protects against damaging UV radiation, improves the pavement’s overall lifetime, and protects the material from allowing spills (liquids and oils) to permeate and cause damage. Seal coating even boosts visual appeal! When it comes to an investment as important as your driveway and parking lot, get a professional contractor to apply your high-quality seal coating to ensure the life of your pavement is long.

Asphalt Management Inc. offers seal coating as part of our parking lot and driveway asphalt care services. Call us today to make an appointment to properly apply seal coating to your asphalt before the winter months are here.

Crack Repair

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Crack Repair
Just like weeds growing in cracks make bigger cracks all summer, water and snow can enter cracks in your pavement and cause expansion during the fall and winter. As cracks grow and become deeper there is a risk of future damage. Repairing cracks and chips while they’re still minor will save you money in the long run and extend the life of your driveway. When holes or cracks are more than a couple of inches deep and wider than ¼ inch, it may be time to fully repair your pavement using our infrared asphalt repair process.


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Asphalt Patch
If your cracks and chips have grown large in your pavement, its time for some asphalt patching to cover the damaged areas. We offer several types of asphalt repair, including infrared asphalt repair, overlay asphalt repair or if the damage is too extensive, we may recommend mill and replace or full-depth removal of your pavement. We are a full-service contractor, we can also take care of your concrete issues before they cause safety concerns.

Don’t let the elements get the best of your pavement this fall and winter. Call us at (810) 659-5400 or contact us for an estimate on your pavement needs.

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