Full Depth Removal Asphalt Repair Photos

Parking lots and industrial complexes take a beating every day from constant truck and car traffic. When pavement damage becomes unrepairable or hazardous, it’s time to replace the surface material. Full depth removal and replace asphalt repair is a means of fixing the problem at the source. First we cut away the failed area. Then we remove the blacktop. Finally we inspect the area for the cause of the failure before the new asphalt is replaced again.

This process of asphalt repair is more time consuming and expensive because it requires additional labor, equipment, and materials. However, it is a long lasting solution to your pavement problem when faced with asphalt failure below the surface. Repairing the problem at its source, full depth removal and replace gives you the opportunity to start from scratch, ensuring that with proper sealing, maintenance, and repair, your parking lot will stay in optimal condition for years to come. To get the most out of your budget while protecting natural resources, we can use a method called full-depth pavement reclamation.

Call us at (810) 659-5400 or contact us. Asphalt Management Inc. is a full service paving company that can accommodate your needs. Our experience and knowledge of asphalt repair guarantee you the right solution for your parking lot repair, and we will work with you for that customized solution for your business.

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