Overlay Asphalt Resurfacing

Add a layer of protection

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Asphalt Resurfacing

The overlay asphalt resurfacing application adds a layer of asphalt on top of the existing pavement creating a smooth surface for driving on. Safety conditions are also improved as tripping hazards are reduced and duct can be better controlled.

This method is different from the previous repairs offered because the asphalt resurfacing patch is installed above the existing asphalt grade. Generally, this type of repair is considered the least expensive and it is also just a temporary fix to the problem.

When to use overlay asphalt resurfacing

Overlay repairs can be used on areas that are structurally sound and where the sub-base is stable and free of defects. Common areas include loading dock areas, parking lot replacement and industrial driveways.

Call in the leading asphalt company

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To the untrained eye, new pavement may appear to be sound when actually it is failing faster than one would expect. Pavement can deteriorate at such a rapid rate that it just seems to fall apart if not properly maintained.

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