Pavement Marking

Getting your stripes

Asphalt Management Inc. provides parking lot striping services to commercial property owners and managers. Asphalt Management Inc.’s line striping crews have the expertise to design and layout your pavement markings, ensuring effective traffic flow. Your parking lot is your customer’s first impression of your business. Newly striped pavement lines are attractive and a good indication that the property owner emphasizes maintenance.


Traffic signs installed

Asphalt Management Inc. only uses high-quality traffic rated paint designed for use on roadways and parking lots for line paving. 

We own several airless line laser machines that are known for less overspray resulting in clean, crisp lines during paint stripping. Our lines are straight and even; our stalls are uniform.

Asphalt Management Inc. provides more than line marking for your asphalt pavement. 

  • Traffic signs and post installation are also available. 
  • Typical signs include Stop, Yield, ADA Compliant Handicapped Parking, and No Parking. 
  • Custom signs can be fabricated to your specifications. We can also provide and install Bumper Blocks, Wheel Stops and Bollards.


Our crews are trained and encouraged to be courteous and considerate of your customers. They recognize that minimal inconvenience is critical to your business. Crews also work hard to ensure a safe work zone through proper barricades and signage during the stripping process.

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