Catch Basins REPAIR

essential part of your parking lot

Storm drains (also known as catch basins) are vital to your parking lot’s asphalt management. The drains remove surface water run-off and keep water from accumulating in your parking lot. Asphalt management must include inspecting the parking lot catch basin. A faulty catch basin drainage system will allow standing water to accumulate. This causes the subsurface of the parking lot to start to deteriorate rapidly. 

Catch basin repairs range in magnitude but addressing the issue as soon as its noticed will reduce liability and repair costs. 

Contact Asphalt Management today to ensure that your parking lot catch basin is inspected properly. We will address any issues with your catch basin drainage system.


Watch out if a catch basin or its grate is higher than the surrounding asphalt. This poses a tripping hazard and can create standing water that degrades existing asphalt further. Repairs may involve removing surrounding asphalt and lowering the basin to alter the height of the frame.

Either water erodes the sub-base, or the stone base has settled and can no longer support the asphalt. Severe drain damage will require that asphalt be removed to even things out. The catch basin repair may require replacing the entire structure for the drain.

When deterioration is allowed to continue more water collects in holes and cracks. Then freezing and thawing continue over time, therefore creating more severe damage and repair costs. Leaving a catch basin neglected until a sinkhole develops could cause far more extensive damage to surrounding asphalt, and create liability issues.

If a catch basin or storm drain is older and may be beyond repair, we can completely dig out and rebuild the more extreme of cases. Preventative maintenance reduces costs and ensures long-lasting catch basins and drain structures while keeping the rest of your parking lot in good repair.

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