crack filling

Don’t let proper maintenance fall through the cracks

The most important maintenance step you can do for your blacktop is crack filling. Repairing and maintaining your cracks will help prevent water from penetrating into your sub-base which is a major cause of pavement failure. Asphalt Management Inc. uses the industry’s highest quality crack fillers to repair cracks in asphalt and seal cracks so they are watertight.

All cracks will be filled with a hot applied rubberized joint sealant that meets federal specifications. This will provide a seal between the crack and the sub-base that will extend the life of your pavement.


Benefits of crack repair:

  • It stops water from penetrating the sub-base.
  • Prevents freeze/thaw movement.
  • Minimizes crack growth.
  • Keeps dirt, sand, and vegetation in the crack and not on your parking lot.
  • It stops the problem while it’s only a crack rather than turning into a pothole or failed area.

Help prevent the growth of cracks in your parking lot

Using Asphalt Management Inc.’s crack repair maintenance program you can prolong the life of your pavement.

  • Small cracks are widened to ensure proper adhesion.
  • Cracks and surrounding areas are blown out with compressed air.
  • Prior to filling cracks, we use a 2,800-degree Heat Lance to clean all dirt, debris, and vegetation. At the same time, it dries any moisture, leaving a clean dry etched surface for the ideal sealant adhesion.
  • Backfill deep cracks when needed.
  • Fill and seal cracks with a hot rubberized sealant that will meet or exceed federal specifications.
  • Broadcasting of silica sand over rubber when needed.

The final product is a flexible crack sealed from dirt and water that will expand and contract with the extreme range of temperatures. The Asphalt Management Inc. system will save you money by adding years to the life of your pavement.



Don't let your cracks get out of control!

If left unattended, open cracks will begin to compromise the qualities of your pavement surface and eventually lead to the need for costly repairs or replacement. They may also increase your chance of liability problems.

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