Mill & Replace Asphalt Repair

An affordable solution for asphalt repairs

The mill and replace method is similar to the full depth remove and replace method. However, not all the existing asphalt has to be removed, which stretches your pavement maintenance dollars.

Milling asphalt is done by a machine that planes the pavement to a depth appropriate for the parking lot repair. The section is generally ground down to a depth of 1″ to 2″. After milling is complete, the old material is then removed and disposed of. An SSI-H tack coat is applied to the asphalt for adhesion between the layers of asphalt. New asphalt paving is then installed to bring the failed area back up to the existing grade level. The new asphalt is then rolled to ensure compaction and level ground to avoid tripping hazards on your asphalt parking lot.


From asphalt to concrete flatwork, Asphalt Management, Inc. can handle your job.


Don’t wait until your parking lot is beyond repair. Don’t be a target for lawsuits from injuries or vehicle damage, failed adherence to ADA specifications and unprofessional or unappealing parking lot appearance.

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